October 6 & 7 2021


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Welcome to the Juice Summit TV!

The Juice Summit is adapting to the challenges the world is facing and will be presented to you in a total digital form this year. With the same quality as previous years, the Juice Summit TV will provide a genuine and dynamic forum for all industry players and their worldwide suppliers. The AIJN, together with its partners IFU and SGF, is preparing a stimulating agenda covering a wide variety of topical issues which determine the business environment of today, as well as challenges for tomorrow. With a record participation, the Juice Summit is the global, annual conference which guarantees the presence of renowned industry experts who are active on both the European and international juice scene. Our speakers and panelists will also share their understanding and vision of the future of the fruit juice industry with you. As the previous editions have shown, the annual Juice Summit is a unique networking opportunity for fruit juice executives from around the globe and this year being online, will not be any different.


The Juice Summit 2021 organized by and for the juice industry offers a maximum of networking opportunities. Hereunder the list of key industry players that attended the Summit last years and the highlighted companies have confirmed their participation to the Juice Summit 2021. Click on the letters to make the list appear. If you would like to have more information on the companies who have registered thus far, please click on the highlighted area, which will take you directly to their website.




Content & speakers

Charlotte Meuwis (AIJN) Phone : +32 2 235 06 20


Alexandra Heinermann (SGF) Phone : +49 1520 15 45 810


Laura Bourin (DDMC) Phone : +32 2 340 86 50


Valerie DeKnop (DDMC) Phone : +32 2 340 86 50


Alessandro Corlito (DDMC) Phone : +32 2 340 86 50